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Blown and Cast Film Extrusion Course:

Blown and Cast Film Extrusion Course

Friday, August 26, 2022

October 4th - October 6th, 2022

Attendees will benefit by receiving a better understanding of film extrusion technology and the ability to use this information to improve existing film extrusion processes.

In this introductory-to-intermediate level course, participants will learn about common resins used, and equipment from the extruder through to the winder utilized in both Blown and Cast Film applications processes. In addition there will be discussions on troubleshooting problems such as occurrence of gels, and winding defects. Experts in the field will discuss commonly faced problems in the cast film and blown film industry. Please bring your questions to the class, as it is conducted in an interactive format with the attendees.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Extrusion Engineers, Extrusion Supervisors, and Packaging Engineers
  • Extrusion Line Operators
  • R & D Personnel
  • Technical Service Personnel
  • Technical Directors, Superintendents, and Technical Assistants
  • Blown Film Converters
  • Cast Film Converters
  • Equipment and Resin Suppliers
  • Auxiliary Equipment Suppliers
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Control Personnel
  • Plant Managers
  • Set-up Technicians
  • Purchasing Managers

For maximum benefit, participants should have a very basic knowledge of film extrusion coating technology and the ability to use this information to improve existing film extrusion processes.

This course is designed to help participants learn to:

  • Understand properties and processing issues of various film resin
  • Identify capabilities, specifications, and limitations of various film extrusion & winding equipment components
  • Evaluate equipment and resin requirements for differing co-extrusion application
  • Methodically approach processing problems and gel issues during extrusion
  • Comprehend terminology, general theory, and troubleshooting techniques used in designing extrusion screws
  • Address safety concerns in extrusion processes



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