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Process Melt Temperature Measurement & Improvement in Extrusion Coating and Laminating

Presented by Andrew Christie, Managing Director SAM North America, LLC
This webinar reviews some of the critical inside-the-extruder variables that influence down- and cross-web variability of melt temperature. It summarizes the root causes of the interactions and presents both standard and best-in-class methods for monitoring the variables. It also introduces a methodology for real-time monitoring of melt curtain temperature variability and presents cases studies of how management of internal extruder conditions reduces melt curtain variability, leading to improved process outcomes and product quality.

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Corona and Plasma Surface Treatments: The Opportunities

Presented by Rory Wolf, Business Unit Manager for ITW’s Pillar Technologies

This webinar addresses the roots of surface treatment challenges for polymeric, metallic, and composite materials, and identifies the corona and plasma treatment mechanisms which overcome those challenges. Corona discharges and Atmospheric pressure plasmas are valuable tools for the surface treatment of materials prior to printing, laminating, coating, painting, bonding, and other applications. They are used in a diverse number of manufacturing environments such as packaging, converting, medical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, solar, battery, and many others. The applications in these industries all have one thing in common – adhesion challenges.

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Evaluation of LLDPE Sealants and Structures for Ultrasonic Sealing

Presented by: Dan Ward, Technical Service and Application Development Specialist with the Flexible Products Group at NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Alexei Kazakov, Downstream Market Research Specialist, NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Sophie Morneau, Director, ATG Applications & Tooling Engineering, Branson Ultrasonics Corp. and Hans Neisser, Market Segment Manager, Packaging, Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

Ultrasonic sealing is an emerging technology that offers potential cost savings to flexible packaging converters through increased line speeds, narrower seals and reduced leakers due to seal area contamination. Most polyethylenes, coextruded films or laminates that can be conductive or heat sealed can also be ultrasonically welded. However, the mechanical forces required in ultrasonic sealing can also weaken films as certain polymers flow out of the seal area and/or fracture due to localized stresses. The amount of flow or weakening varies by polymer type and can be controlled by optimizing sealing parameters for specific multilayer film structures and sealants.

This study evaluated the effects of ultrasonic sealing parameters and basic polyethylene characteristics on package integrity using coex films with various polyethylene sealants. The results suggest that polyethylenes with a relatively broad molecular weight distribution, high toughness and low zero shear viscosity are desirable for maintaining integrity in the ultrasonic seal area. The ultrasonic sealing conditions can be optimized for specific PE sealants and/or coex film structures by determining the threshold energy required to form a seal for a given film and maintaining levels slightly above that level.


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Web Handling and Converting

Learn to eliminate wrinkles, baggy webs and apply effective spreading. Eliminate winding defects and troubleshoot a variety of web, web handling and converting issues. Design and maintain web machinery, control systems for tension, nip, guiding and design processes for more reliable manufacturing.

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Winding: Machines, Mechanics, and Measurements

Eliminate winding defects; know whether your defect is manufacturing or winding related or both and troubleshoot a variety of web, winding and operational issues. Design and maintain winding machinery, winder control systems for tension, nip and torque and design and manufacture webs for more reliable winding.

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