Technical Information Papers (TIPS)

TAPPI Standards, Technical Information Papers, and Useful Methods CD 2020

This CD contains all TAPPI Standards (Official Test Methods, Provisional Test Methods, Classical Methods, Standard Practices, Guidelines, Specifications, and Glossaries), Technical Information Papers (TIPs), and Useful Methods (UMs) current as of January, 2020 The Standards include approximately 250 documents that have been developed and reviewed by TAPPI Standard-Specific Interest Groups. For easy reference, included is a search engine, reference materials list, test equipment suppliers, a supplier directory, safety sources, test laboratories and research facilities. It also includes hundreds of Technical Information Papers (TIPs) on papermaking, pulping, engineering, and corrugated containers topics.

This specialized information includes technical data, calculations, resource information, recommended practices, glossaries, guidelines, and bibliographies for use in the manufacture of paper and related products. This revised collection is essential for every mill, converting plant, research institution, and technical center in the pulp, paper, and corrugated containers industry. As an added benefit, the CD now contains Useful Methods (UMs). These methods describe tests, procedures, or practices written in the same general style as a TAPPI Standard Test Method, but with minimum precision requirement. UMs do not receive the same review through a consensus process, and thus are not Standards, but are used often in the industry as quick plant floor methods.. The CD includes numerical and subject indexes.


Guidelines for web conveyance and winding tension levels, Technical Information Paper TIP 0200-01 (2011)

Web conveyance is a requirement that transcends across many industries. The requirement is to convey a web flat and straight through the process without generating defects such as wrinkles. To accomplish this, the web needs to be stressed under a certain amount of force commonly referred to as web tension.

The scope of this TIP is to provide guidelines for suggested amount of web tension that should be used to convey certain types of web materials that are common to the paper, paperboard, polymer film, extrusion coating and flexible packaging industries.

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