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Join a Technical Team

The Technical Teams of the International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division work together throughout the year to solve problems, develop technical papers, plan conference sessions, and more. For information on joining any of the teams below, please contact Kristi Ledbetter (770-209-7319).

This team is responsible for membership at all levels, industry outreach and generating topics to feed to the Technical Program Team based on relevance and developments in the industry.

International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Technical Program Team 

This team is responsible for the development of the program for the North American annual conference and oversees the development of webinars and training courses that serve the packaging industry.

International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Products and Resources Team 

This team is responsible for Press & Publications including updating technical manuals, books, and recommending new products; development and updating of TIPS & Standards; and approving all TAPPI PRESS Books and Reports, or other products developed or revised by the team and Division.

International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Divison Council

The Division Council is the governing body of the division and its members work in concert with the TAPPI Division Manager to ensure that the goals of the division are in line with the overall goals of TAPPI and the strategic plan of the division is carried out. It oversees all of the Division Teams and their functions.

Become a Mentor or Protege 

The International Flexible Packaging & Extrusion Division is dedicated to providing a global network that connects students and young professionals around the world, facilitating knowledge exchange, providing useful tools, advice, and encouragement so that students and early career professionals pursue and continue careers that advance the use of flexible packaging materials.

If you would like to mentor, or if you are a young professional in the packaging industry looking for a mentor, TAPPI Connect's Mentor Match can help unite Mentors and Protégés to share resources and experiences, while working together to achieve professional and personal goals. Mentor Match will offer flexibility and creativity for better professional development.



Get in on the Conversation at TAPPI CONNECT

TAPPI CONNECT is an online forum and discussion board used to ‘connect’ our members and act as a platform to discuss current trends, exchange knowledge, and network all year long. If you are a TAPPI member, you can join in on these conversations in our online now.