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Flexible. The Future of Packaging.

From morning medications to afternoon snacks to evening skin-care routines – are you keeping up with shifting consumer needs?

Welcome to the International Flexible Packaging & Extrusion Division! This is where members of TAPPI come together as a professional community and focus on technology, applications, and innovation in the flexible films and laminates industry.

We are the resin producers, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, converters and brand owners who drive packaging technology across the industry’s value stream.

Our community of innovators cares about introducing better flexible packaging products that meet the changing demands and desires of consumers.

To help this happen, we unite the entire flexible packaging supply chain to share current consumer insights, deliver necessary technical education, and provide a sales-free environment for you to establish and strengthen the partnerships you need to get ahead.

Join the who’s who of suppliers, converters, and brand owners in our community and stay current and competitive in your market!





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Will you be Setting the Pace for Innovation in Flexible Packaging this April?

Make sure you are by attending the International Flexible Packaging & Extrusion Division Conference to experience everything new and different in your industry!

This biennial conference is the global event of choice for flexible films and laminates industry professionals working throughout the entire supply chain – from suppliers, to converters, to brand owners.

Attend and join the who’s who in flexible packaging to gain the knowledge and connections you need to stay current and competitive.

As a magnet event engaging the full supply chain, there is no other place where you can receive exposure to advanced technical practices and introductions to leaders from all areas of our industry, along with current consumer findings that will drive the next cycle of innovations that must occur.

Only at the International Flexible Packaging & Extrusion Division Conference:

  • Keynotes presenting thought-provoking and action-inducing perspectives
  • Findings from a recent Nielsen Study on Consumer Flexible Packaging Preferences
  • New Technology Showcase