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As students and professionals around the world, members of TAPPI's Flexible Packaging & Extrusion Division strive to advance the innovative and responsible production of flexible packaging materials.

Whether you attend our annual conference, are a committee member, read our newsletter, or are just curious about emerging flexible packaging and extrusion technologies, there is something on our website for you.  Please take a look around our website – learn, and join in the fun!

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Join us in “Setting the Pace for Innovation in Flexible Packaging” at this year’s Conference filled with everything new, exciting, and different in the Flexible Packaging industry.

Each year the International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division sponsors several events that address key industry topics.  Upcoming events include:

  • 2018 International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Conference, April 23 – 25, Charlotte, NC [link to event page]
  • 2018 Stand-up Pouch Workshop, June 13, Miami, FL – in conjunction with the Global Pouch Forum
  • 2018 Extrusion Coating Course, August, location to be determined
  • 2019 European PLACE Conference, May, location to be determined

Visit the event site for more information and to register.